About Us
Migrantweb - is multilanguage online community of people who live on the principle of "Movement is Life". Our community helps people in exile or who wish to immigrate to another country to express themselves, to learn about the lives of people living in exile, to share experiences and knowledge, develop their talents, to organize their personal space on the web and find friends and compatriots.     Here you can create a public or private profile, or a community, to set up your profile and blog, upload pictures of video and audio, to keep a personal blog (blog), save Bookmarks to your favorite sites, to communicate with interesting people, thus contributing to the growth of friends in your network let people are in exile feel a piece of his homeland!         Socially Migrantweb network:        People who want to chat online   People who want to meet friends and to find fellow   People who want to introduce their friends with other friends   Families and relatives who want to find their loved ones living in exile   Businessmen who want to start a business abroad   Classmates and college friends, people who studied together and went abroad   Migrantweb for all who wish to find a lot of interesting people and friends! We strive to develop new services as quickly as possible. If you have any requests, suggestions and comments, please send them to: contacts, comments and suggestions   How to become a user Migrantweb? 1. Dear friends!      The first thing to do is to register as a user, then place the profile.      Profile - this is your home page, your personal space on the web where you can tell us about yourself,      their interests and hobbies, upload photos, videos, show the latest topics of your blog and list of recent saved bookmarks. Apply for it, then share it with your friends.   2. The second thing to do - is to invite your present and future friends in your personal network or,      Search for friends to use on the site, which are already users of social network Migrantweb. 3. Finally the time has come to express themselves and to create Migrantweb. With respect. The project team Migrantweb.ru.